I'm a guy and even I can appreciate the effect

Got a new solid wood desk from Crate and Barrel. Wanted protection from accidental water.

Applied wax with part of clean cloth. Waited a few minutes, the wiped/buffed it dry with unused part of cloth. It gave the maple wood a nice deep even color. Not shiny, but a nice gentle sheen. Smelled very good for about a day. 3 days later still looks great. Not sure how often I'll have to do this, but I would definitely use this on new wood furniture for initial protection. OMG, I think I just recommended buffing my wood with this wax for protection!

Also, I was a little nervous due to the review describing darkening the wood due to oil. Although I cannot comment on his situation, when I applied the wax, the color became more uniform. I would not describe the effect as oily or shiny at all but rather a very subtle sheen. I can barely notice it is there. Also, I tested it with a couple drops of water... this is by no means waterproof, but it is effective at making the wood water resistant (or tolerant). I tested the wood by dropping a couple drops of water on my desk... the water beaded up nicely. Once a towel was applied, the water much preferred the towel to the desk. I did not experience any discoloration or any need to re-apply to balance out anything. I realize I sound like a shill but I was reviewing my review and saw the other review that had made me hesitate before purchase, so I felt like addressing it. Personally I get a lot from these reviews, so I try to help others the way you people help me. So, as stated above, I can recommend this to treat real wood.

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