Love Your Product!

"Hi, I wanted to let you know that I recently ordered a tin of your sweet orange furniture polish. Wow! I totally love your product. What an amazing difference it has made to all the wood furniture in my home. Not only does it smell terrific but I can see it is doing so much good for the wood. I had to let you know that I'm now completely hooked on polishing and buffing my furniture with my Daddy Van's. I've even turned it into a verb - for example I'll point out to my husband that I "daddy-vanned the china cabinet" or "I'm going to daddy van that table tomorrow.". You have created a fabulous product and it has given me so much pleasure to see my crummy semi-antiques glowing with a new found beauty. I have just ordered another tin (lavender, this time.) I've recently had a bit of a health issue so it has rocked to be able to feel useful and busy "daddy-vanning" my house. Good for me and good for my furniture! Thanks a lot for making such a great product."

Sincerely, Diane S., Durham, NC

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