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Daddy Van's All Natural Countertop Care

Daddy Van's All Natural Countertop Care renews and protects soapstone, concrete and composite countertops.

"If you want to maintain your soapstone countertopís even-colored appearance, do it with Daddy Vanís All Natural Countertop Care! Beeswax is less greasy than mineral oil, is easier to apply, and lasts much longer. It has a pleasant silky feeling, and maintains the matte finish of your countertop. Applying beeswax to soapstone surfaces will not only enhance its overall appearance; it will encourage its natural darkening and ensure that the stone will darken evenly. This process will also make the appearance of any scratches or dings in the stone virtually disappear." - Lisa Carter, Owner, Albemarle Countertop Company, Charlottesville, VA

"Daddy Van's is the perfect, natural, non-toxic wax product to maintain Lithistone sinks and surfaces with. It is easy to use and smells great. I recommend Daddy Van's to all our clients." ~ Brett Fitzgerald, Lithistone LLC, Durango, CO

Daddy Van's All Natural Countertop Care

One 5 Ounce Tin of Daddy Van's All Natural Countertop Care

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