Unbelievably effective producing beautiful results!

I've used both the Lavender and Lavender/Sweet Orange beeswax products. I'm thrilled with both because it makes the furniture and cabinets look rich and beautiful! I don't know how else to describe it other than to say the wood just glows as if lit from within. It doesn't produce that high gloss/lacquered look, but definitely produces shine and brings out the wood grain. My mother used it on blond cabinetry in both a bathroom and kitchen where the finish was removed due to water damage and improper cleaners (Clorox wipes, Yikes!). Due to the damage, she applied then let the product sink in for several hours before buffing it out. Afterwards the wood from the water damaged section looked better than the wood from the non-damaged section, so she finished all of the cabinets. The results are beautiful. You can't tell where the damage occurred. Better yet, the water now beads up on the cabinets preventing future damage. By the way, my mother is 70-years old and is now a Daddy Van's fanatic. She has set a goal to "Daddy Van" all of her wood antiques plus any other wood she finds whether it is in her house or not. She and I both agree the products are a pleasure to use not only because of the scents, but it also makes your hands soft. I hope they never stop making this stuff!

On another note about application, I have to agree with other reviewers that a little goes a long way. Hence, a very cost effective product. If the wood has a tacky feel after your done, too much wax was used and too much wax remains on the wood, which will cause dust to collect. I made this mistake in the beginning. Just get a clean terry cotton cloth and buff until the surface doesn't feel tacky. Also, I pre-clean the surface with Murphy's Oil soap (on varnished surfaces only) and let dry before first applying the Daddy Van's. I know the sweet orange oil is known for dissolving grease, but I like to "Daddy Van" a clean surface.

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